About Us

Grapess Solutions (Grapess.com) was started in 2010. Grapess Solutions started with Grapess.com named computer coaching center. Within a year It registered as the Grapess Solutions to provide all kind of solutions.

Grapess Solutions takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. 99% of our revenues come from existing customers.

According to us, Education is important because it opens the mind and expand it. And if your years in school and college were bad or boring, you can still educate yourself.

Why Grapess Solutions For Education?

To Bring about a better condition of things than existing earlier

To not Identifying winners but in making winners out of ordinary people

For stay in contact and ahead of the student at all times

help to become what they are capable of becoming

Because the teacher here is a bridge over which he invite their students to cross, and encourage them to create bridges of their own

Leads the students to the maximum use of their minds